MATCH STUDY 01: 2018 7th Dan Competition: Jang Sang Hong vs Oh Gil Hyung

Updated: Aug 25, 2018

At higher levels, shiai is shinsa and shinsa is shiai. There is virtually no difference. The match is between Jang Sang Hong Seunsaengnim (Player 7) and Oh Gil Hyun Seunsaengnim (Player 8) reflects this.

Jang Seunsaengnim was the Korean Captain for 2009 WKC in Brazil. He was on a winning streak until he had to pull out due to a hamstring injury and unfortunately could not face off against Shoji Teramoto Sensei. When he was in Seoul he was considered one of the best Kendo players in Seoul city and Korea. He has always tried to use seme and straight Kendo. His foot work and lower body strength is phenomenal and just awesome. He is apparently a very good man and consistently hard working.

Oh Seunsaengnim is Yang Jin Seok Seunsaengnim’s kouhai or student. Currently he is the Chosun University Kendo Coach. Again, stunning and beautiful Kendo and the feature is his lower body strength- which you see with his tsuki. He came 3rd in 2006 WKC in Taiwan. He was 4 Dan at the time. He was forced to retire from the elite professional level competition due to a knee injury. Again, apparently a very nice guy.


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