Classic 6mm Men

Classic 6mm Men

The Classic 6mm Deluxe Bogu is for the kendoka who seeks a highly functional, lightweight and beautiful multi-purpose bogu based on traditional design. This set provides exceptional value with quality stitching and material usually found in higher priced bogus.


The Classic 6mm utilizes the cross pitch stitch. This style allows the futon to flex freely in all directions while retaining its shape. Each square grid becomes a miniature shock absorbing pad of its own. It utilizes hundreds of these soft but densely padded grids to safeguard the wearer against hard hits.  The strength and shape retention properties make for a flexible and lightweight bogu.


CLASSIC 6mm Men:

  • 6mm crosspitch stitch provides good protection yet light weight.
  • Ideal Best Balance (IBB) dura mengane shifts the weight 17cm upwards and 7cm backwards for better balance and weight distribution; putting less strain on the neck and facilitates greater ease of movement.
  • Uchiwa and tenchi are made from 9000# aizome dyed fabric for soft but durable protection.
  • Synthetic heri (border finishing.
  • Beautiful traditional tombo decoration.
  • High quality orizashi cotton for enhanced lightweight and quick drying comfort.

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