Classic RYEON (練) 39男/女



The RYEON is the classic shinai made for the beginner starting their journey into kendo or the kendoka who has come full circle back to basics.  


The RYEON is multi purpose shinai designed to address all aspects of keiko. It is slightly thicker for durability in anticipation of hard hits as most beginners usually has yet to refine cutting control.


It is dobari styled. Its tip is slightly lighter for easier control and less strain on the wrist. It is easy to maneuver to encourage focus of body movement instead of shinai.


RYEON is an affordable yet solid, presentable shinai that can be used for all training aspects of kendo. It is also suitable for the kendoka who seeks an affordable, no frills shinai for general practice.     


This is available for both men and women:

  • Female 39
  • Male 39


Maximum number of shinai(s) we would take per each individual's order is nine. If you wish to make a bulk order for the club (more than 9), please contact us directly for the available stock.


    NOTE: All the prices are in USD

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