Dobari IN (仁) 39男



The IN is the warhorse equivalent of the YI jissengata shinai.


It is designed for the kendoka who wants the superb balance of the YI jissengata shinai but in a tougher, more durable body to better withstand consistent hard keiko sessions. The IN is also for the instructor to receive strikes as motodachi without compromising shinai balance and appearance.


Each shinai is handcrafted for superb balance and superior quality. Its tip is denser and stronger. The middle portion is thicker to withstand hard kirikaeshi hits. The lower half of the tsuka is tapered 2mm less than the top for better grip ergonomics.

Only high quality and handpicked blue madake bamboo is used specifically for the IN. Bamboo selected to make the IN goes through 11 steps of quality control and processing to maximize its qualities of being firmer and more durable with right amount of flexibility.


The IN is best used for keiko or shinsa by the serious kendoka or the instructor who prefers the a dobari coaching shinai.


This is available only for men:

  • Men 39 with grip 25mm
  • Men 39 with grip 26mm
  • Men 39 with grip 27mm
  • Men 39 with grip 28mm

    Due to exceeding high demand, we are only taking pre-orders only. 

    The options of handle sizes and prices are as follows on this page.

    We'll quote the price accordingly to the weight and destination of shipping, for further details please contact us directly at


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