#11000 Weave Density Cotton Hakama

#11000 Weave Density Cotton Hakama

The Elite Series Hakama is our premium range of genuine aizome dyed 100% cotton, full length hakama. Specifically designed for kendo. Tailored for hard keiko sessions. The same dark blue colouring process of our Elite Series Kendo Gis are used for the hakama. All models come with seven pleats; five at the front (yosehida) and 2 at the back (ohida).


  • # 11000: Heavy fabric. Best in shape and form. Ideal for shinsa and formal ceremonies. Good for cold weather training. Requires good care and folding skills.


High quality cotton fabric is still best for hakama in terms of breathability, heat dissipation and sweat absorption while retaining its dignified shape. We are proud to offer 2 different designs to best suit your individual preference:


  • Full Koshiita: Full traditional look. Noble and dignified. Broad, regular size koshita for optimal posture and lower back support. Ideal for kihon and shinsa based kendo.
  • Velcro Belt Koshiita: Full athlete cut. Belt koshiita design with velcro ties instead of ushiro himo and mae himo. Hakama can be worn and waist adjusted very quickly for best fit and comfort with minimum restriction on movement and mobility. Ideal for shiai.




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