Double Layer IN (仁) Keikogi

Double Layer IN (仁) Keikogi



One of the top quality keikogi from the Elite Series. The “Elite” double layer keikogi is nicely weighted and exquisitely soft. Thick enough to retain all the protective durability and thermal insulting qualities expected from a double layer without the bulk that hinders movement and all-important breathability. Ideal for cold weather training or competition. It is also used extensively by kendokas who cool down quickly after warmups and wish to retain a comfortable warmth while wicking away body sweat awaiting their turn for shiai. Excellent for shinsa as the thicker layer maximizes shape retention with a dignified form


The “ELITE” series of lightweight and ultra smooth, premium quality uniform is perfect choice for the kendoka who demands high performance wear. These uniforms are meant to be worn for hard training and shiai. They are designed with the feedback of professional kendokas then tried and tested to their satisfaction. They require a jissgengata keikogi that is lightweight, quick drying, highly breathable, sweat and odour absorbent, ultra smooth yet durable to avoid skin abrasions from the thousands of cut repetitions. All these while retaining the dignified shape of the uniform.


All “ELITE” series uniforms are made from 100% pure, soft orizashi cotton. Orizashi cotton is prized for being light weight, highly breathable and evaporates moisture quickly while retaining the shape of the uniform. This makes orizashi cotton the fabric of choice for long, intense keiko sessions.


Traditional “Sashiko” or Rice Grain style weave is used to reinforce the fabric and fast drying. In addition, soft quilting “Hishi-Zashi” or diamond stitching pattern are used at the bottom 1/3 section of the keikogi for thinner, even more breathable yet durable comfort underneath the hakama.


Genuine aizome dye gives the uniform its distinctive colour. Long-fermented aizome ingredients are used to develop a bold understatement of deeper blue colour. The cloth is soaked repeatedly for a dense, dark colour as well as to ensure total absorption and maximum retention of the dye. Genuine aizome dye is said to contain high antimicrobial properties, anti-inflammatory and effective in preventing odours hence aizome dyed clothes were once worn under samurai armour.


The fabric is then specially treated prewashed in high temperature for a minimum of 3 hours to further soften and set the colour in. The end result is a truly comfortable and highly functional jissengata keikogi with deep aizome colours while maintaining its beautiful, dignified lines during movement.


All jissengata keikogi in this series have reinforced seams for added durability. Whilst all are pre-treated and pre-shrank, some shrinkage may still occur. We recommend:

  • Do not use dryer. Please hang dry only.
  • Do not wash in hot water. Cold water only.
  • Do not soak for excessively long time.



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