Jissengata SUN (先) 39男/女

Jissengata SUN (先) 39男/女



The SUN is the jissengata shinai of the 17th WKC Team Korea.It was introduced on the opening day of 17th WKC in Incheon and quickly became a hot favourite among international players.


It is redesigned from ground up to maximize every possible strength of a dobari jissengata model.


It has the fattest dobari body our current range. It keeps the already light shinai weight to the lowest possible tsuka point then have its balance meticulously fine-tuned. This makes kensaki feels very light and allows for superb handling to launch either aggressive combinations or score with a lightning fast precision strike. It is handcrafted from specially selected madake bamboo that has undergone strict processing and quality control procedures to maximize the madake’s properties. The madake bamboo density allows the SUN tip to have a thinner profile. It is processed to bring out its best flexion while retaining its trademark durability.


The SUN is a top range jissengata shinai suitable for all manner of fighting styles particular for the shiai sha who prefers long distance attacks.


This is available for men and women:

  • Ladies 39 with grip 24mm
  • Men 39 with grip 25mm
  • Men 39 with grip 26mm
  • Men 39 with grip 27mm
  • Men 39 with grip 28mm


WKC Photo credit: boratic_photo(@boratic_photo)


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