Jissengata Chokuto YE (智) 39男



The YE is a hybrid chokuto styled jissengata shinai for the traditional style player or high-level dan grade.


It is designed for the traditional kendoka who uses the chokuto for keiko but appreciates YE’s added dexterity and less wrist strain for shiai. The balance of the YE is shifted ever so slightly towards the back without compromising the feel of a traditional chokuto design. The monouchi remains strong and dense.


Only the best madake bamboo is sourced to assemble the YE. Mature bamboo is allowed longer drying time to fully maintain its firmness. The YE’s overall weight is slightly less than the traditional chokuto shinai to allow quicker strikes and less fatigue during shiai.


The YE is ideal for the kendoka who advocates the sophisticated simplicity of one-step-hits. It is also recommended to the senior kendoka who prefers the chokuto design without the added weight and wrist strain.


This is available only for men:

  • Men 39 with grip 25mm
  • Men 39 with grip 26mm
  • Men 39 with grip 27mm
  • Men 39 with grip 28mm

    Due to exceeding high demand, we are only taking pre-orders only. 

    The options of handle sizes and prices are as follows on this page.

    We'll quote the price accordingly to the weight and destination of shipping, for further details please contact us directly at k.kendo.contact@gmail.com.


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