Jissengata YI (義) 39男

Jissengata YI (義) 39男



The YI is a dobari styled jissengata shinai specifically designed and balanced for launching fast barrages of sharp, precise cuts without compromising hitting power.


Its center of gravity is meticulously balanced nearer to the tsuka. Due to its superb balance, it is highly maneuverable. It has a denser datotsubu for durability and maintaining center.  The lower half of the tsuka is tapered 2mm less than the top for better grip ergonomics. 


Its design, combined with the superior tensile strength of quality madake bamboo, enables swift recovery to its true form almost immediately after hitting. This facilitates excellent stability and straighter cutting motion; making the YI capable of sustaining high-speed, precision-driven renzoku waza.


Each shinai is handcrafted for superb balance and superior quality. Every selected bamboo then undergoes 11 steps of quality control and refinement to maximize its firmness with optimal flexibility.


Superb balance, the YI is best used by the advanced kendoka who prefers an assertive straight attacking style.


This is available for men only :

  • Men 39 with grip 25mm
  • Men 39 with grip 26mm
  • Men 39 with grip 27mm
  • Men 39 with grip 28mm



    Due to exceeding high demand, we are only taking pre-orders only. 

    The options of handle sizes and prices are as follows on this page.

    We'll quote the price accordingly to the weight and destination of shipping, for further details please contact us directly at k.kendo.contact@gmail.com.


NOTE: All the prices are in USD

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