Jissengata YONG (勇) 39男/女

Jissengata YONG (勇) 39男/女



The YONG is built for a single purpose: Speed.


The lighter, leaner YONG is a dobari-styled jissengata shinai designed specifically for shiai-sha who plays a relentless, fast paced attacking game. Each shinai is handcrafted for superior balance and quality. Its center of gravity is carefully balanced nearer to the tsuka. Its datotsuba and tip are at their absolute slimmest to provide better flexibility and shave off excess weight. The lower half of the tsuka is tapered 2mm more less than the top for better grip ergonomics. 


YONG utilizes a very specific strain of keichiku bamboo called the Seokujuk.  It possesses remarkable flex action.  With proper tenouchi, its superb flexion facilitates an enhanced arc that generates amplified momentum. In other words, the YONG magnifies the eye-popping “whipping effect” from shinai flexion. Oftentimes this effect facilitates a hit even when the cut is slightly intercepted as the shinai arcs over the interception to hit the target.


The YONG is popular among kendo practitioners who prefers a fast aggressive style cutting from multitudes of different angles.


This is available for both men and ladies:

  • Ladies 39 with grip 24mm
  • Ladies 39 with grip 25mm
  • Ladies 39 with grip 26mm
  • Men 39 with grip 25mm
  • Men 39 with grip 26mm
  • Men 39 with grip 27mm
  • Men 39 with grip 28mm



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